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About Chris and Rich

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Chris  Shepherd Bio

Chris Shepherd is a gifted  singer-songwriter  from St. Louis, Missouri-a river city whose history is deeply rooted in the sound of American blues music. In St. Louis, other blues musicians and fans alike seek Chris out for his powerful and soul-resonating vocals as well as his affable and likeable persona. As he says in a line from one of his well-loved songs:

" I was raised up in the country
But I've been a city boy for awhile
I still got country boy ways
But now I got me some city boy style..."

Raised in Bowling Green, Missouri, Chris spanned the US from Miami where he studied music and production and worked for a short time in the BeeGees recording studio to Seattle where he worked and performed. Early on he was involved in writing and singing gospel music.


And some traces still exist, as the blues and gospel grew up together. And together they are a stirring combination.

Chris has represented St. Louis  twice in the International Blues Competition in Memphis, Tennessee and has been the lead singer of the popular St. Louis band known as Kingdom Brothers. Kingdom Brothers is currently recording their third album.


Chris can also be seen regularly performing with Rich McDonough and others in the St. Louis scene. Chris has opened for Victor Wainwright and Curtis Salgado.  He also had a successful Australian tour in 2019 with Kingdom Brothers.

Whether Chris is singing his own originally composed  songs or classic blues favorites, his rich voice and soulful approach reach his audience for an unforgettable blues experience. His music often blends hints of gospel, soul, and rhythm and blues, offering his unique style for a memorable moment that  tugs on the heartstrings and reminds listeners of the common ups and downs of what it means to alive in our world.

As for Chris Shepherd's sound, his  tone and the timber are richly vibrant and clearly make him a stand-out vocalist who can deliver the blues message unabridged and directly to the heart and soul. 

More often than not, eyes fill with tears  when Chris reaches down from his depths and delivers that Etta James standard -his stirring rendition of "I'd Rather Go Blind..."
Just listen: It's salve for the soul.


Rich McDonough Bio

Some of Rich's earliest influences were greats such as Albert King, Elmore James, Ronnie Earl, Albert Collins, Freddie King, Gatemouth Brown, and BB King. And the great thing about hearing Rich live, is that the audience not only  samples work from these amazing performers, but Rich also adds his own take on the music.

This might be anything from playful "chicken pickin", to heart-wrenching blues, to hard driving  Chicago blues.  Audiences laugh, smile, and suffer the blues together at Rich's irresistable invitation to feel the blues spectrum. When Rich pulls out the slide and interprets feelings up and down the neck of his guitar, the crowd is often mesmerized and folks catch their breath for a moment because "them blues is too real" in a fade away world.


Rich loves and respects the history and skill of those who developed the blues genre. He is a native St. Louisan who takes pride in the colorful legacy that St. Louis mapped for the world's music. Out of the blues grew jazz, soul, and rock and roll.

Lesser known, perhaps, but certainly not lesser talented, Rich played with many St. Louis blues  greats which include Johnnie Johnson, Oliver Sain, and Tommy Bankhead-so he is a designated heir giving  musical testament to their love of the blues. They may be gone, but not forgotton as long as guys like  Rich McDonough continue their St. Louis blues legacy forward.

Rich has played and/or recorded with Stevie Wonder, Levon Helm, Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne to mention a few. Also, a few famous festivals in his pedigree include:

Mississippi Valley Blues Festival
Pinetop Perkins Homecoming (associated with the King Biscuit)
International Folk Festivals in Richmond, VA and Boston, Mass.

Rich McDonough has put his signature on the blues genre. Specifically, nobody interprets the blues guitar like Rich.  He does it with  with a humble and precise intention to be true to the heritage while experimenting and stretching its boundaries. His approach keeps the blues music fresh, spicy, and special  as the blues moves on.


He hopes that his audiences love the old tunes he revamps and reinvents  and the new tunes which will inspire new generations of blues music enthusiasts to come.

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