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Blues from the Lou Tour #3

Chris & Rich's Excellent Adventure

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European Tour Dates, July 2023

July 12, Chris Shepherd and Rich McDonough will leave for Amsterdam, NL to begin a third European Tour...This time in the Netherlands.



All JULY Dates:

14th in Tolkamer at Kade 7, start at 20 hr

15th in Tiel (between the dikes) at Innundatiedijk 3 starts at 13.45 hr

16th in Gemert at Pub Gij en Ik, Ridderplein 35, start 16.30 hr

22nd in Sliedrecht at Pub Moonshine (outdoor), Stationstraat 3, starts at 17hr

23rd in Wageningen (pub JoJo's), Bevrijdingsstraat 7 starts at 4 pm.

Yes, food, merchandise, and transportation will cost.  So, if you can, please DONATEto help with

Chris and Rich's Excellent Adventure!

Thanks, Friends,

   Chris & Rich


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